Mitch D: artist watch in 2017.

Samuel maina mostly know as his stage mitch d is an Artist based is in Nakuru kenyan.
He released his first e.p. 2013 which had tracks like
*you dono know* ft pretty
*friends* ft nicole silverstone
And *nakudai*
Later this year he did a track
With denvah called *Ghettobirds* which raise eyebrows and set the stage for this new artist.
He is working on more tracks despite him being a student at JKUAT doing business.In my opinion,he is one of the most promising atrist in Nakuru and an artist to watch this year 2017.

Download this hip dancehall track by denvah yooh ft mitch d called

GHETTO BIRDS on this link and share to friends and foes

“Even if you fit your feet in my print still understand you wont understand so understand uko underSTAND”

For more info follow him in Facebook page AT *MITCH D*
twitter at *@mitchHostage*

Silver’s Tone “Nakuru’s femcee with the hype”

Probably you would want to know this fly chiqs’ amazed me actually.

“I discovered i could sing from way back when i was still 7 years. Used to be first to know the latest songs n their lyrics n teach my friends later on. I knew i could rap when i was 14,used to listen to rap music, n add my own lyrics at the end, and actually make them so good.”

Nicole Silverstone,young talented and ready to give you punch lines like no other femcee you have seen.

Nicole babra is a 20 year old rapper fromNakuru who has had our heads nodd for quite sometime now.last year she got recognition after her appearances in many collaborations and one would imagine how she would do in her single projects.

She is dope she is fly and best of all a great poet and we await for her debut Ep to come out this year,she is one artist you cannot ignore and will hear from quote many times.

she says 2017 is her year..

“I aim to make headlines in the industry and of course lots of cash! Who doesn’t want that! Follow @nicolle adamz3 (Silverstone) on instagram, and Silverstone on facebook to get links on my music pages. Bless!”

Rising star “element myll”

I chose to write this because, the young lard surprised the fans in his appearance in the 2016 “am the best remix” featuring artist like collonizo,Nemisis,caterpillar and Starbon;with great rhymes giving him a great following.

We are left to anticipate what he will give us in 2017 as word is he cooking up something in the studio. Element myll a name not so new in the block has kept his name well known in the underground hip-hop scenes with his unique style of mumble rap.img-20161227-wa00174

He shares his story.

“Element Myll from G-town aka Gilgil is a recording hip-hop rapper.I grew up in thy worsest slum in Nakuru County known as Ghetto in Gilgil bondeni. I started my music career back in 2012 and projects in 2014.

I worked with different artist frm gaining the confidence that i can be the best…. In 2014 i met Nemesis,we formed The Bandits group and the same month we dropped “am the best” ft Da silva and collonizo.

In 2015 i became reluctant due to my final exams in secondary buh in 2016 we came back with much power… We dropped “am the best remix” ft starborn,catetpillar and C.M.G black.
It became a major hit whch brought mi back with a ‘bang.’


The greatest disadvantage in ma music career is that i was born a muslim…. A religion that does not allow music
My own family had been against mi snce i strted doing music till thy realized ma strong decision nd av created a powerful platform in music that i can’t destroy…”

We expect alot from Element myll and I wage that he will be a great success in the coming year 2017.

TONY ACOUSTIC. “promising talent doing it for the ministry of Christ”

If there is someone who has grown watching Tony acoustic’s aka Tony mutugi career definitely he /she will tell you that he is one guy who has gotten from grass to grace.

The young man started doing gospel music from late 2013 to date.he has inspired alot of people through his ministry,either be it school to school or church performances.

based in Nakuru,he is one of the most promising and rising stars in Nakuru.he does gospel music in Rnb and hiphop.he is a worshipper and a great for this new talent.I promise you won’t be disappointed.

In his own words he says:

My name is tony mutugi n am born a gospel music minister wth a heart to serve the youth in Christ. Am motivated by the word of God n i feel fulfilled when i make a positive impact in the life of someone

check out his latest video

YEAHMORE.’my fans should expect more’

when I met this lard,I had questions to ask him,like when,how,where he started his own words he said,

“i started doing music while young as my grandma used to train us some traditional songs,i can say i was born to a family that loves music, most of the times i would listen to music and imitate the musicians, i came to discover my talent back in 2006 while in school i could write rap lyrics and perfom to my fellow students,
i came to do serious music and matured musically through attending talent shows and the famous red cross talent show in nakuru,we started as a duo and we did two songs bt later we parted and i decided to go as a solo artist.
i did my first single Nipe Chance and it was received well by my fans
by now i have done a couple of songs under diffrent producers
i can say i have grown musically and i have gained a good exposure
my fans should xpect more and more music, am working day in day out to do good music
my new single will be out soon,produced by Richie G.”

We all know Yeahmore,representing G-town.”Gilgil” from Nakuru county.he have seen him perform,weknow his hustle,we know he got talent,we know he has respect. He only says we should expect more from him next year.

Yeahmore Nakuru based artist released his major song hit “stinji”.

Yeahmore aka james mwangi is a secular artiste from nakuru county, he has perfomed alongside big names in Kenyan industry,the likes of Nonini,Abas,Wyre,Juacali,Meja among others also he has performed alongside Matonya from Tz, his nipechance hit has gotten massive airplay in some radio stations, he has done a couple of songs under diffrent producers,Kidrays,Gstr the producer and now he is working under Richie G the producer behind Cheza Chini and Besha Shigana by Rabbit King Kaka,his trending song Stinji is getting massive fun page.
“i yeahmore i thank all my fans for their support, i will not dissapoint you,watch out my stinji video on you tube
you can get my songs on mdundo. com and youtube.”

We wish him the best in his journey to success we know he is going to make it.

watch his video.

“Fristy Ice” new kid on the block

fristy Ice. Nakuru’s young promising Artist.

Fristy ice is a rapper based in nax vegas but currently Works in Nairobi for his marketing strategies, in his music career he is managed by vic eye brand.

He is talented with his hardcore punchlines and high life,is ready to take the airwaves of East Africa like a storm.just 18 years of age,the young lard promise to give hip-hop a new twist is evident.

instagram >>>:

He is also a member of the music group G.B.A (guilty by association ).with a number of tracks on the way.we can’t wait to see we he goes with his music.check out his hit songs:

“look at me” which is currently in production with collaboration with nicole Silverstone will soon be released to the public.Other songs he has done is nothing can replace featuring
Gabe marucha and debby on mdundo
Here’s how you can contact fristy ice

Snapchat! Username: fristyice

He got a bright future this lard in the music.what do you think?


Hiphopholickenya “ready to face the world.”

I had hiphopholickenya tell his story and this what he had to say:

Hiphopholickenya. nakuru based rapper representing G-town

” I discoved my rapping talent back in primary school but u know since I was a kid my parents told me to concentrate more in books n by then lyrics zilikua zile….but friends n school mates used to love them kwa funkies and events I started now taking it seriously when I was in highskool..since nilikua ka celeb shule plus I was that talkative n friendly with everyone walinipea jina Hiphopholic. so that’s where the name come from since nilipenda kurap na hip hop so waliniita Hiphopholic meaning someone who is addicted to hiphop.

In a session in masters music studio.Nairobi

So since I was still skull, mixing music n books zilileta tafash kiac buh I concentrated n books while n skool n music when I was at home nilikua nashinda studio learning some stuffs Kama instruments n all that n naona other artist in my hood who I used to look up to.until i was in forth from nikarecord my first song known us rags to riches featuring some of rapper in my hood…then afta forth nikaiingia kwa music sasa that is 2013.2014 I did my second track called I’m the best which did well plus the first one…2015 I did do it n kings death n money which I’m yet to release this year.”

Next year Hiphopholickenya will be a game changer.if you have met this lard you know what am talking about.he got crazy talent and has great respect in his hood.

He doesnt disclose his age buh surely has great experience in the game.Hiphopholickenya is a promising musician that will make crowds go wild.

Follow him in all social media platforms.

Trap vs conscious hip-hop music.which wins?

It has been an issue that has stuck for many for its controversies,artist asking which pays.hmm..future pushes shows in millions,Kendrick Lamar pushes his albums in millions.which leaves as to wonder where we should focus.

Where is the difference? Trap music is more fan,conscious is more intellectual. Trap is loud,conscious is quieter.Trap originates from Atlanta,with producers like zaytoven,metro boomin ,sonny digital,southside putting artist like future,chief keef and 2 chains on the map.conscious from California with producers like high tech,Dr Dre rising artist like Kendrick Lamar, j Cole,Anderson park on the airwaves

Similarly, both have great following around the world.both got great artist.both deliver.should we embrace all?where do you think should get more respect?

Nakuru based hip-hop Producer Gstr the Producer. follow me on Facebook & Instagram

Hip-hop music &Lifestyle.

stay alert

Nicole Silverstone

December 2016 will prove be a game changer as fans now demand for trap hip-hop music above all.
Get ready to be fascinated by roar of your bass speaker with the 808 bass drum and bouncy rhythms,as I release great tracks from Fristy Ice,Nicole ‘silver stone’,Niffy and Mitch D all from the 254 ‘kenya’ Nakuru.
and get this all for free from my SoundCloud @gstrtheproducer

254 get ready to turn up.

Fristy ice